A Community Vision for Our Schools

During the 2013-2014 school year, the Roaring Fork Schools went through a community visioning process to determine a new mission and an ambitious plan of action (See strategic plan overview below) to guide the district’s work over the following 5-7 years.



For the District's "Strategic Performance Indicators," please click here.

Download the final report “A Vision for Education in the Roaring Fork School District” here.

For the Civic Canopy presentation, shown at the 1/22/2014 BOE meeting click here.

For the Strategic Plan Overview, click here.  

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Our students will…

  • graduate with the academic, social and character skills to enter a college or career of their choice.
  • be critical and creative thinkers and problem-solvers.
  • develop resilience, determination and the belief that they can succeed.
  • be self-motivated, passionate, and responsible for their own learning.
  • be engaged, thoughtful, productive members of their community.

Our schools will…

  • create a safe and caring environment.
  • maintain high expectations for effort, learning, and achievement.
  • provide meaningful, engaging, experiential learning opportunities.
  • support and challenge every student.
  • attract, develop and retain the best teachers and leaders and empower them to teach and lead.
  • inform, engage, and work in partnership with families and the community.

Our district will…

  • provide teachers and schools the tools, resources, and services they need for all students to succeed.
  • establish clear definitions for success on a broad set of indicators, set ambitious goals, and manage toward their attainment.
  • communicate transparently our successes and challenges to others within the district and to the broader community, and provide opportunities for the others to communicate with us.
  • foster a culture of trust and respect among all stakeholders.
  • create an atmosphere of high-quality customer service.
  • create an exceptional environment in which to work and go to school.

If you have any questions regarding the work that is being done on the strategic plan please contact Superintendent This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 970-384-6002.

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Strategic Plan

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