The RFSD District English Language Development Department collaborates with colleagues and parents in order to provide consistent high quality instruction and programming that empowers English Language Learners and results in high academic achievement.

Roaring Fork School District is proud to serve culturally and linguistically diverse students. Students who speak languages other than English are truly talented and bring the world to our classrooms. Language, family and culture play an important role in all of our lives. Roaring Fork School District understands the importance of these three components and that is why we are committed to empowering our linguistically diverse students through education. We have high expectations for academic success for all of our students; therefore we encourage cross-cultural interactions and academic discourse in our classrooms. The new Colorado English Language Proficiency (World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA)) Standards allow us to be innovative and creative with various programs and instructional approaches across the district. Our culturally and linguistically diverse students enhance our classrooms and are a valuable asset to our schools and community!

Strategic Plan & Performance

Learn about our Strategic Plan and then view our Performance Indicators to see how we're doing. 

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